What is a “HOT BUTTON” and How Do You Press Them?

I am sure everyone has heard me talk about “HOT BUTTONS” however, what are these “HOT BUTTONS”, where do you find them, and most importantly, how do I press them?

What are “HOT BUTTONS?”


“A want or need, a desire or requirement that generates enough emotional response inside of a customer that motivates them to justify making an immediate purchase.”

Let’s break this down.

  1. A want is a desire to possess or do something; wish for.
  2. A need is to require something because it is essential or very important.
  3. Customer’s typically decide to purchase based upon emotions and then justify the purchase logically.

Where do I find a customer’s “HOT BUTTONS?”

Asking about a customer’s current or most recent vehicle is the best way to find out a customer’s “HOT BUTTONS.” Asking the following questions about the customer’s current or most recent vehicle with give you tremendous in sight into the customer’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes, must haves and can’t stands.

  • “What is it that you like about your current car?”
  • “What is it that you REALLY like about your current car?”
  • “What is it that you that you don’t like about your current car? “
  • “What is it that you would change about your current car?”
  • “What would-be nice features would you like to see in your next vehicle if affordable?”

These are not the definitive list of questions to ask a customer in order to find out their “HOT BUTTONS.” This is more just the tip of the iceberg.


As you begin to uncover the problems that your customer is looking to solve, you will want to investigate into why these are problems for the customer and what they believe potential solutions may be. Additionally, you must identify the priority of solving the problem. This information will be critical to pressing the customer’s “HOT BUTTONS.”

How do I press a customer’s “HOT BUTTONS?”

The Presentation and Demonstration are all about pressing the customer’s “HOT BUTTONS.” During the Presentation it is all about getting the customer excited about the idea of solving their current problems and bettering their current situation. The Demonstration is all about the customer experiencing how your vehicle will solve the customer’s problems and better their situation. This is where you get the customer mentally owning your vehicle and begin their emotional attachment to owning it.

EVERY FEATURE/BENEFIT that you present and demonstrate MUST be based upon the customer’s “HOT BUTTONS.” If a FEATURE/BENEFIT is not pressing one of your customer’s high priority “HOT BUTTONS,” then you should not be talking about it.

Additionally, during Negotiations & Closing is where you can press the TURBO “HOT BUTTON” using all the emotions and the mental ownership that you created during the Presentation and Demonstration to justify to the price, payments, and your commission.

A customer will have several different wants and needs or “HOT BUTTONS”. And not all of these “HOT BUTTONS” will need to fulfilled in order to sell the customer a vehicle. It is your responsibility to not only determine the customer’s “HOT BUTTONS” but to also learn which of these are the highest priority, the most important, and which are an absolute must have. The HOTTEST of the “HOT BUTTONS!”



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