To Script or Not to Script

To use a script or not to use a script, that is the question. Really, you have to ask that question. I believe the answer is an obvious, YES you use a script. I credit my sales success off learning and mastering scripts. In fact, scripts are one of the foundational pillars of our training platform. Frankly, I do not understand why salespeople would not use a script.

I do know however the excuses they give for not using a script:

  1. Scripts keep the salesperson from thinking on their feet. Some salespeople use scripts as a crutch and never develop the skills needed to become a professional salesperson.

My argument: The more scripts a salesperson learns and actually understands how they work the more tools they will have in the toolbox to sell more. It is when a salesperson only learns one script and relies on it to do the selling for them that a script hurts the salesperson.

  1. Sales scripts make the delivery sound fake and robotic. Most salespeople feel that if they use a script, they will come off sounding inauthentic and impersonal. And no one wants to talk to a robot.

My argument: Scripts only make you sound fake or robotic when you don’t take the time to learn the script, why it says what it says, and most importantly believe in what it says. Once you have a script memorized and believe in the message, you will have the confidence to deliver the message. It is this confidence that turns your script from sounding fake or robotic to coming off naturally and being effective.

Think of the last movie you watched. At any point during the movie, did you think, “that sound robotic,” or “that doesn’t sound natural.” Of course not, and this is for two reasons:

  1. The script was well written.
  2. The actors were professional so the memorized their lines, they believed in their character, and had the confidence in their abilities to play the role.

Now that we have debunked the reasons not to use a script, let’s look at the ways we can help you memorize your script and improve your delivery of it.

10 Highly Effective Techniques for Learning a Script

  1. Get to Movin’ – Get up and pace around with your script. Rehearse the words and actions, and the words will stick in your brain for longer.
  2.  Know ‘WHY’ – You have to understand why you are being asked to say something. Focus on the ‘why’ behind each line. Ask yourself, “what is the goal of this line?” Find the FEELING inside yourself that connects you to that goal.
  3. Take a Deep Breath – If you don’t have enough oxygen running through your mind and body, memorization becomes that much more difficult. Practice breathing exercises to ensues you are in the right state to learn your scripts.
  4. Stay Hydrated – Your body and mind require water. When you are well hydrated your body and mind function better and more clearly. Drink water before and during learning and practicing your script. Your body, mind, and most importantly your vocal cords will thank you.
  5. Connect the Text to Images in your Mind – Use visualization techniques to see yourself delivering the script. See your customers responding the way that you want them to. See the script being successful. Associate the script with success in your mind.
  6. Speak Out Loud – DO NOT try to memorize a script in your head. It will never work. You MUST speak it out loud. Over and Over. Practice in different tone and at different volumes. And ALWAYS do it out loud.
  7. Take Breaks – DO NOT Allow yourself to get burned out. Practice your script for 10-20 minutes, take a five-minute break. Get some water, take some deeps breaths, and then get back to it. Rinse and repeat. Do this a day or two a week and you will have more weapons in your arsenal than you will ever need.
  8. Talk to Someone – You are human and not a robot. Humans talk to other humans, real or imaginary. Focus on the words you are saying and who you are saying them to. DITTip: Practice with a friend or colleague.
  9. Record Yourself – Practice saying your script into a recorder. Listen to each recording until you feel you have it perfect. Once you have recorded the perfect version your script, download it and continue to listen to yourself preforming the script perfect. Listen to this recording to and from work each day. This will ensure you are ready when it is game time. DITTip: Rehearse and record before bed. For some unknown reason, if you rehearse before going to sleep the words stick more deeply in our mind. I am sure there is a scientific reason for this, but really who cares, as long as it works.
  10. Keep the Script in Hand Until You No Longer Need It – DO NOT rush perfection! Stick to learning one script until you can’t get it wrong. Becoming a sales professional is not a 30-day endeavor, it is a life-long commitment. You have the time, might as well do it right!

The DO IT TODAY Learning Network has thousands of scripts covering just about any subject or scenario you can think of. Pick one and commit to it. Don’t just read it on the screen once and think that you got it. Really commit to the script. Print it out and commit to the steps above and before you know it, you will have perfected that one and be looking to the next. And with every script you learn, it will be one more skill you will have to sell more cars.

P.S. If there is a scenario or script that we do not have, drop me a line at and I will write one for you. And bonus points if you have a script that you think I can help others take advantage of. Please send those to me as well and help all of us get better!



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