Problems or Solutions

Do you have problems or solutions? I often share my conversations that I have with salespeople and managers and I recently had another conversation worth sharing. I was talking with a manager after class the other day about handling ‘customer heat,’ then talks rolled into talks about using a process to negotiate deals, and then we ended up talking about how salespeople and managers alike need to focus more on finding solutions rather than focusing on the problems they are facing.

The manager I was speaking with, I have known for a very long time, and he told me that I am always positive and trying to find the solution and I thought that’s true, however, I was not always this way. Later that day, I took the time to think back to when I wasn’t solution orientated and wow did, I struggle. Not only in sales, but life in general.

I was one of those people who focused on the problems I had until I realized there are no shortages of problems in this world and focusing on them doesn’t do any good. Eventually, I began focusing on the solution to the problem instead of the problem itself. I realized that every problem I had was not really a problem, it was actually an opportunity. An opportunity to turn an unhappy customer around, an opportunity to make car, or just earn the money I need to pay that bill. Once I came to understand this new mindset, I became SOLUTION ORIENTATED.

4 Stages to Becoming Solution Orientated

Stage 1: Solution Attitude

Those who are truly solution orientated, even when faced with what seem like insurmountable obstacles, will continue to push forward with a “whatever it takes,” attitude! You must become hungry to find the solution. You must have the attitude and desire to motivate yourself to find the solution to push past the obstacle. As human being we have a built in Fight or Flight instinct. If the face of a problem the average person’s flight instinct kicks in and they either ignore the problem or they let the problem consume them, to a point they let the problem win. However, people with a Solution Attitude, the moment a problem appears, their natural instinct kicks in to tackle the problem head on with the attitude of a winner!

Stage 2: Solution Focus and Analysis

Solution Focus and Analysis is the art of breaking a problem down with the goal of determining the root of the problem. Focusing on the root of the problem and breaking the problem down to its smaller elements keeps us from getting overwhelmed. It is like eating an elephant, you have to do it one bite at a time. Analyzing a problem this way will help to set up future success by not only preventing the problem from happening again, but by focusing on the root of the problem you will create a sustainable solution that prevents the problem from turning into more problems.  

Stage 3: Solution Creativity

You must employ creativity to your solutions that break the boundaries of traditional thinking. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of out thinking.” You must break-free from this box if we ever want to achieve solution results. You must leverage your creativity, effectively brainstorm solutions that exceed the average ideas of others. You must push your thinking beyond your self-imposed limits to find the ideas that are innovative in their design and approach.

DITTip: Draw on the knowledge of others and other industries to find creative game changing solutions for your problems.

Stage 4: Solution Action

Now that you have disciplined yourself to have a Solution based Attitude, you have committed yourself to focus and analyze a problem, and you have leveraged your creativity to determine what a solution looks like, it is time for ACTION! You must prioritize each stage of the solution and determine the best course of action on how to proceed, then DO IT! This can be the most difficult part of any process, taking action, however if you follow the previous steps, keep your eye on the prize, and focus on the satisfaction of solving the problem, the action will come easy.

Becoming Solution Orientated will take time, discipline, and practice, however the results will make it all worth it. Solving the problems put in front of you will help you thrive in sales, thrive at home, and thrive in your relationships. Once you become Solution Orientated, sky’s the limit and the only thing that can ever stop you from getting everything that you want, is you.



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