Let the Customer Close the Deal for You

Having trouble closing the deal? Why not let the customer close the deal for you?

Could it really be that easy? The simple answer is ‘YES.’

By asking the right questions at the right time, your customer will flat out tell you exactly what it is going to take to close the sale, or even justify the close, all without even knowing it. Here are three easy questions that you can ask the customer to close the deal for you.

3 Techniques to Get Your Customer to Close the Deal for You

  1. Close: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 being you are driving the {model} home right now, and a 1 being that you would not take this car home, even if it were free, where are you do you stand?

If the customer answers a 10, then congratulations the customer just closed the deal. However, if the customer responds with anything less than a 10, follow-up with:

  • On a 1-6, respond with, “Oh, that is not a very good. We must have missed something while selecting this vehicle. What did we miss? Why do you think you stand at a…?”
  • On a 7, 8, or 9, respond with, “that is a really good, what would make it a ten?” Whatever the customer tells you here is exactly what it is going to take to close the deal.

DITTip: The customer does not need to be at a 10 to buy, they may buy at a 7, 8, or 9. Getting them to a 10 may just be taking them over the top. You can also move the customer from a 7 to a 9 and close the deal. Your goal here is to close the deal or get the customer to tell you what you need to do to sell them.

  1. Close: “Mr. Jones, I understand how you feel. Let me ask you this, how can you justify a purchase of this size?”

Whatever the customer says here will actually justify the customer moving forward with the sale. Respond with, “I would agree with you and I don’t see any reason not to get the paperwork started. Congratulations.”

This is the simplest of closes to get the customer to justify the purchase for you. All you have to do is ask them.

  1. Close: “That’s great that you would prefer to do business with us if the pricing was the same. Why is that?”

This close is perfect when a customer tells you that the dealer up the street has “got you beat,” and you ask them, “If the money were the same, who would you rather do business with,” and the customer says they would rather buy from you.

Once the customer answers why they would prefer to do business with you, write down the reason, and them ask, “why else?” You will rinse and repeat this part of the close until the customer can’t give you another reason. You need to channel your inner 4-year-old and just keep asking, why, why, why.

Now that you have all of the reasons why the customer would prefer to do business with you, point to the paper where you wrote them down and read the back to the customer, finishing with, “I think you have already justified why we are a little bit more expensive. Wouldn’t you agree?”

This is the most difficult of the 3 close and it requires the most practice. However, it is also the most powerful. This is one of my favorite closes of all time and I have closed more deals with it than another close in my library.

Closing the deal can be as simple as just asking the customer the right question, at the right time, and letting the customer close the deal for you!



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