When I first started selling car there was very little Automotive Sales specific training available. I could watch the occasional training video on VHS or listen to an audio program on CD if the store I worked at actually had any of this training available. I remember the first set of training CDs I ever got, the dealer group that I worked for hired a famous Automotive Sales Trainer to come and speak to us for like 15 minutes. Even though the trainer only spoke to us for like fifteen minutes, this was an amazing experience because the word tracks that he taught us were lethal and I could immediately relate to them. The best part of this day was that we were told that if we went back to our stores and sold a car that day, we would be a CD set of closes. I can remember wanting those CDs so bad that nothing was going to stop me from selling a car that day, and nothing did. Once I got ahold of those closes, I listened to them non-stop. Everywhere I went I would listen to those closes, to and from work, to and from the grocery store, even to and from my girlfriend’s house. I practiced every one of those closes until I made them my own and I could repeat them back to myself in the mirror each morning before work.

However, it did not come together until one day, when I was in negotiations with a customer. I had just presented them with an investment proposal and the following conversation happened:

Customer: “That’s not enough for my car https://joecarusoonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Multi-Paperback-Stack-Presentation-With-Tablet-1.png, I owe way more than that on it.”

Me: “Mr. Jones, I understand that you owe more than that, however, your payoff has nothing to with your present vehicles value. Imagine that you owed zero on your car, would you want zero?”

Customer: “Of course not!”

Me: “Exactly, your car is worth what it is worth. The good news is that your vehicle will never be worth more than it is today and any remaining balance you can either pay off in cash or you can take advantage of the special financing option we have available for that as well. Which would you prefer?”

Customer: “Let’s go with the special financing option.”

Me: “Excellent choice Mr. Jones, that’s the same one I would have made. I will get all of the paperwork ready so you can enjoy your new car.”

I am sure you have heard of or even had an Ah-Ha moment, where all of a sudden something just clicked and made sense, this was mine. As soon as the customer told me that we were not giving them enough for their car because they owed more than that, the words just flowed out of my mouth, like it was second nature. And best of all it worked. This was my magical Ah-Ha moment.

Unfortunately, once I had learned all of closes on those CDs I was out of new material and I had to rely on creating my own new closes. However, fortunately for all of you, this is where the Close Library was born. I wrote out all of the existing closes that I had in my arsenal and then I started keeping an OBJECTION LOG to track the objections that I was losing deals to, so I could make sure that I never lost another deal to them again. The Close Library now has over 150 closes with complete scripts, line by line breakdown, links to additional relevant closes, and downloadable audio versions and script pdfs.

Everything that you need to add the most LETHAL closes in the industry to your arsenal available from any device, including your mobile device. NEVER lose another deal again because you don’t know what to say. I wish I had a CLOSE LIBRARY in my pocket!

Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso

Joe may not have been born to sell cars, however when other kids were talking about being a firefighter or an astronaut, all he talked about was being a car salesperson. His commitment was so strong that he managed to sell his first car when he was nine years old. Fast forward to the age of seventeen and his full time career as an automotive sales professional began. Over the next 30 years he went on to hold every position in a sales department, including spending the last twelve as a General Manager, building some of the most successful teams in the area. In 2017, he left the retail side of the industry and founded DO IT TODAY Learning Network in an effort to share his knowledge with the entire automotive sales world.



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