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Could you answer...

Why Someone Should Buy Your Brand, Product, or Service

What's your why? Are you passionate about the key benefits? Are you skilled at presenting the ones that matter to each customer?

Why Someone Should Buy from Your Company, Parent Company, or Locaton

Why not the dealer down the street? Can you explain what sets your company apart?

Why Someone Should Buy from You

Did you know every salesperson gets asked this by every customer, whether they know it or not? Do you know how to raise a customer's certainty in YOU?

Why Someone Should Buy Right Now

The more urgency a salesperson creates, the more likely a customer will buy now. Do you know how to create urgency to close the deal today?

Why Someone Should NOT Buy from Your Competition

In a world where more and more products are more and more alike, your differentiation point is one of your most significant assets. Are you able to articulate what sets you apart?

Neuro Selling will teach you how!

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Years of experience translated into extensive, robust courses on a wide variety of sales topics.


Get access to Joe’s expertise in book, audio, digital, and workbook formats.

Sales Tools

Get the State-of-the-Art sales tools to help you elevate your sales game to the next level.


Let Joe help you increase your sales production and achieve desired results.

Live Events

See Joe train on a variety of topics Live, either In-Person or Online.

Hire Joe

Hire Joe to analyze, consult, and work directly with you and your team in on a wide variety topic to achieve your desired results.

John Maxwell Certified

Joe is an Independent Certified Coach, teacher, trainer and speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

27 Years In The Car Business

Training Winning Sales Teams

Do It Today was born out of 27 years of managing and training some of the most successful car sales teams and dealerships in Northern California — in other words, on the front lines. During that time, we have learned that the best training is experiential training that you actually carry out in practical exercises and something that you make real while you are learning.

99 Objections

But Closing Ain't One

Never lose a sale. Always know how to close!

Joe Caruso shares his best tips for closing the deal in his new book, 99 Objections. Learn ways to turn any objection into a sale, and become the star of your sales team.

Not just a textbook!
Joe’s unique writing style utilizes storytelling, comics, and interactive scripts to enhance the learning experience.

Purchase the companion workbook to take your learning to the next level!

For Dealerships

DO IT TODAY™ engages learners through Gamification. Fun. Community.

Enroll your entire sales team in our highly-practical, gamified training platform with access to all of Joe’s courses, live trainings, and social components, as well as the expertise of Randy Brenckman.

DIT uses various new technologies to trick your brain into retaining more information. From interactive, self-paced lessons to social achievements and competitive gamification, this training platform is different from any other in the automotive industry.

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