Every Customer has a Problem to Solve

It’s true. Every customer you encounter has a problem they are looking to solve, and it is your duty to determine what that problem is, what the customer’s desired outcome is, and then offer the customer a solution that provides them with that outcome.

Now, some customers problems are bigger than other. Some have vehicles that are breaking down, some have additions to their family that require something bigger, and others just have an itch for something new. Yes, even when a customer just wants something new, it is a problem, and the customer is looking for a solution.

If you don’t completely understand your customer’s problem, then you will never be able to solve it. Even worse, you will lose credibility with your customer, co-workers, and management. You will also waste yours and your customer’s time.

In order to provide the customer with their desired outcome, you must first understand the customer’s problem or problems, clearly and from the customer’s point of view. To do this you must ask the right questions and listen to the customer’s answers, before acting.

The most successful salespeople are the ones who find the pressing customer problems and help solve them in a convenient, cost effective, and timely manner. These salespeople find problems their customer is ready to solve, then work to solve them.

Identifying these problems is not always easy. It takes a well-planned and systematic approach.

Let’s take a look at a 5 Step Problem Identifying Approach

  1. Be solution orientated – Before you can help others solve their problems you must have the confidence that you are the best person to solve this customers problem and that you will offer them the right solutions.
  2. Care about your customers – The best of the best salespeople genuinely cares about their customers and care about helping them find solutions. You cannot fake this; a customer will see right through you.
  3. Ask the RIGHT questions – You have to be prepared with an arsenal of questions to ask your customer to gather the information needed to identify the problem that needs solving.
  4. Identify the RIGHT problem – This is critical! You must attempt to solve the right problem. You do not want to waste your time finding solutions to problems your customer sees as low priority or unimportant.
  5. Analyze the information and develop multiple solutions – Always take the time to determine the best product to give your customer their desired outcome. Then offer the customer an alternative to validate their commitment to the first solution or pivot to the alternative depending on your customer’s response.

Identifying the right problem must happen prior to presenting and demonstrating your product. You cannot identify these customer problems and desired outcomes while you are focusing on your Presentation and Demonstration. Additionally, the pain points your customer is looking to resolve and the solution your vehicle provides are the value building talking points that should be used during your Presentation and Demonstration. A sale happens when value exceeds price, and nothing will create more value faster than providing the customer with solutions.

DO IT TODAY Tip: Think about this, every time a customer “no closes,” they are saying they would rather keep their existing problem(s) than take advantage of the solution offered them. Don’t let this happen to you. Ask the RIGHT questions to ensure you offer the RIGHT solution!



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