Does that make sense?

Yesterday, I was chatting on a automotive sales message board and after I made a post regarding building value, another user posted, “Is ‘building value’ really a thing anymore? Don’t most consumers just want the best price and financing?”

I have to admit, I was taken aback by this comment. It truly made me a little sad inside at the lack of self-worth this salesperson had. How could they ever get a customer to believe that their product, their dealership, and themselves are worth spending more money on, if they don’t believe it themself.

The more I thought about this comment the more I felt the need to write about this topic. First and foremost, you must BELIEVE you are worth the money, if not then your customer never will. Second, you must BELIEVE you can build emotions in your customer that they can then justify.

“People make the decision to buy based upon emotion and then justify with logic.”

Both Logic and Emotions are critical part of the sales equation. In order to become a master salesperson, you must learn how to use both. The problem is most salespeople are like the salesperson who commented on my post, and they only try to appeal to the customer logic side of price and financing which leaves them with nothing to work with other than negotiate ‘logical’ financial figures. And we both know that when all you have to talk about are the numbers you will lose 100% of the time. You are either spend hours and hours to make a minimum commission or you don’t even make the sale at all.

People Decide to Buy on EMOTIONS, FEELINGS, & DREAMS!

Emotions are the one thing you need to have in every sale, or you are at risk of losing it.

Every customer has a problem they are looking to solve and a desired outcome they are looking to achieve. These two facts are your key to creating emotions inside of your customer.

If you amplify a customer’s current pain point (the problem they are looking to solve) this will cause the cause to feel the emotion pain. And anytime a person feels pain the seek relief. That relief is the reason your customer is in front of you and the more you amplify that pain, the more emotion you create, and the more your customer wants the relief from your solution.

Think about when you have a headache. It starts out small and is just slightly annoying. You debate getting up and taking something for it, however you decide not to, because it is not worth it. Then a little time goes by, and the pain of your headache increases, generating a greater need for relief. Even with this greater need, you still may not take the time and put in the effort to take something to relieve the pain. However, at some point the pain get more than you can stand, and you stop what you are doing, get up, go to your medicine chest and find the relief you are looking for. The medicine being to work immediately, however this is not because of its potency or the ingredients it is the feeling you have that relief is on its way.

Selling works the same way, however you must determine what the problem is that you customer is looking for and the desired outcome that will generate the relief they are looking for.

4 Steps to Get Your Customer to Decide to Buy Emotionally and then Justify Logically

  1. Beings with the Customer Profile & Current Vehicle Evaluation – You MUST ask the customer the right questions to find out what problem they are looking to solve and what their desired outcome is.

DO IT TODAY Tip: Most of the time this information can be found while asking about their current vehicle and your customer will typically volunteer more information about their current situation while talking about their current vehicle.

  1. Select the right vehicle – You MUST select the right vehicle the first time. One that solves the customers problems and creates the desired outcome they are looking for. In most cases selecting the wrong vehicle and then putting your customer through the rest of the steps to the sale is what causes more ‘no closes’ than any other factor. Typically, when you are in negotiations and you realize you are on the wrong car, it is too late, and you have already lost the sale.
  1. Give a proper Presentation and Demonstration – One that amplifies the customer pain points, then offers the customer a solution, and then confirms your solution provides the relief the customer is looking for. This must be done at each step of the Presentation & Demonstration.
  1. Use everything you have done up to now to Negotiate & Close – During Negotiations use those pain points, your solution, and the customer’s desire for relief to create the emotions needed to decide to buy, and the factual foundation they need to justify the decision. Lay it out for them. Point out their current pain point, show them all the ways your product provides them with the solution, and then simply ask, does that make sense?

If all of these steps are followed properly, the customer will have no choice because their emotions are saying yes, their logical mind is saying yes, and they will tell you yes as well.



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