Do You Aim to WOW Your Customers?

Do you understand what it means to WOW your customers? Do you understand the importance of WOWing your customers? Do you really understand what is in it for you to WOW your customers? Do you take actions with the purpose of WOWing your customers?

Last week I was giving my Live Virtual Training Class – Delivering a Vehicle to Today’s and one of the students began telling a story about a difficult customer that he just could not connect with and how difficult the process was because of this. Once he finished the story, he asked me what he could have done differently.

My response was two-fold:

  1. I first asked if this was a first-time customer or a repeat/referral customer. I was 99% sure I already knew the answer, however, I wanted to make a point to the salesperson. As I assumed, this was a first-time customer. Immediately upon answering my question, the salesperson knew exactly where I was going. I proceed to remind them, that the more repeat and referral business you do, the less the likelihood they would need to deal with customers like this. Wowing your customers during and after your sales process is the key to EARNING and RECEIVING those critical repeat and referral customers, eliminating the need to work with customers you do not connect with and that are difficult.
  2. Then I went on to explain my strategy for when I must deal with a difficult customer and that strategy is simple:


Now I obviously don’t mean to kill them, but rather put an end to their negative attitude and energy with your positive attitude and kindness. It is the salesperson’s job to transfer their positive energy and enthusiasm onto the customer. No matter how difficult the customer is being. The key to transferring this excitement onto the customer is to exceed the customer’s expectations by going above and beyond and doing what others don’t. By going above and beyond and doing what others don’t, you will earn a “WOW!” from your customer.

After this Virtual Training Class and conversation with this salesperson, I decided to dig deeper into this topic about “WOWing!” your customers. And like a good researcher my first stop was Google. I typed in “How to WOW your customers” and began reading the articles that popped up.

After reading through the first few articles, I realized they all had one very disturbing commonality. All of these articles’ number one way to “WOW!” a customer is:


WHAT!?!? How is this possible? Are we really in a state of customer service were just following thru with the things we say we are going to do, actually WOWs a customer? This is deplorable in my opinion. Doing what you say you are going to do should be a given so this will not be making my list of ways to “WOW!” your customers. And on a side note, if you can’t follow thru on what you say you are going to do, then please stay in the sales industry, you are making the rest of us look good. 😉

10 Ways to “WOW!” Your Customers

  1. Over Promise and Over Deliver
  2. DO What Others Are Not Will to Do
  3. Always Focus on How to Make Things Easy for Your Customer
  4. Establish a Relationship by Getting to Know Your Customer
  5. Offer the Customer Solutions they Didn’t know they Needed
  6. Take the Initiative to ALWAYS do the Right Thing
  7. Celebrate Success with Your Customers
  8. Stay Top of Mind with Customers Thru Follow-up
  9. ALWAYS Express Gratitude

Any and all of these actions must be done on and with purpose. Every once in a while, a salesperson will get lucky and “WOW!” by accident, however, a salesperson must always aim to WOW!” their customers. Any salesperson worth their weight in salt, will say they want to build a book of repeat and referral business, but these same salespeople choose not to put in the work to EARN this repeat and referral business. If you are serious about your career, if you are serious about not dealing with difficult customers, then start with aiming to “WOW!” every customer. Commit to the actions to “WOW!’ your customers, and watch your sales, commissions, and repeat and referral business increase!



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