Do This Before the End of the Year

People have the choice. You have the choice, to be PROACTIVE or Reactive.

Let’s take a look at being PROACTIVE vs Reactive:

Proactive – Acting before a situation becomes a source of confrontation or crisis.

Reactive – Reacting to the past rather than anticipating the future.

You have the choice to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU or let things happen to you. In just a few short weeks, 2021 will be over and 2022 will begin ticking by. It is going to happen fast than you think.

Do you want to control your own destiny in 2022? Do you want to know exactly what kind of year 2022 is going to be before you even ring in the new year? If you want to know exactly what you are going to earn in 2022 all you have to do is the following:

  1. Determine the exact amount you will commit to earning in 2022, why you want it, and what it will afford you to do. (Example: Down payment for a house, buy a new car or boat, be one step closer to retirement)
  1. Breakdown your earnings commitment by month. (Divide the amount you committed to earn by 12 months)
  1. Determine how many cars you need to sell each month to achieve your monthly income commitment based upon your average commission. (Monthly Earnings Commitment divided by your Average Commission)
  1. Determine the number of Actions (Calls Contacted, Emails Sent, Text Messages Sent, Snail Mail Sent, and Business Cards handed out to prospects outside the dealership) needed to sell the required number of cars to achieve your commitments.
  1. Write down the following I WILL Commitments on Post-it Notes and stick them to your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of your commitments and goals, every day!

I WILL Commitments:

I WILL Earn $XXX,XXX in 2022

I WILL Earn $XX,XXX per Month

I WILL Sell XX cars per Month

I WILL Complete XXX Actions per Day

  • XX Calls Contacted
  • XX Emails Sent
  • XX Text Messages
  • XX Snail Mail
  • XX Business Cards

I WILL Have (Your Main Goal) before the end of 2022!

  1. Each day throughout the year, measure your actual numbers versus your commitment. Make the following adjustments as needed:
    • If you are pacing ahead of your commitments, keep doing what you are doing and increase your commitments. Including putting new Post-its on your mirror.
    • If you are pacing behind your commitments, commit to more actions per day, to increase your pace and to put you back on track.

NEVER decrease your commitments or goals, ALWAYS increase your ACTIONS to ensure you exceed them! Be PROACTIVE before the end of the year and GUARANTEE your success for 2022.

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