Dear Salesperson – One Ear & Two Mouths

Dear Salesperson,

When I first met you, you looked like everyone else. Even slightly better looking than most. But now, you have changed. It appears one of your ears has fallen off and the other is not far behind. Then from what seems like out of nowhere you have grown a second mouth. And boy do you know how to use it. I feel like your voice is attacking me from everywhere. Why don’t you want to listen to me and hear what I have to say? Why can’t you care about me? Just ask me a question that will help you help me and then SHUT UP and LISTEN!

Why do you believe that “telling” is “selling?” I am coming to you as an expert in your field. I want to hear your opinion and seek your guidance, however not until you understand me and the problem I am here to solve. Ask me why I am here. Ask me what problem I need to solve or what itch I need to scratch. If you ask me questions that show me you care, you will get answers. Not only will I be more than happy to give you answers, I am going to give you all the information that you need to help me “buy.”

You may be asking yourself, why am I telling you that I am willing give you all of this information? The answer is simple, I came to you because I want to buy something. I have a problem that needs a solution and I believe your product might be that solution. However, I am not sure, so I come to you for advice. Ask me the following questions, and if you let me answer you, you will receive all the information you need to close the sale.

Key Questions to Ask Me:

  • “What is it about your current situation that you like?”
  • “What is it about your current situation that you would change?”
  • “Was there an event that brought you into the market?”
  • “If I could solve one thing for you today, what would that be?”

Key Phrases & Questions to Keep Me Talking (and you listening):

  • “Please, tell me more.”
  • “Please continue.”
  • “What else?”
  • “Why is that?”
  • “Is there more?”
  • “Tell me more about…(XYZ)”

Questions like these however are not enough to show me that you are concerned about me and you really have a desire to help and serve me. You have to ask these questions with the intent on listening to me and not talking over me. If you actively listen to me, you will show you care about what I have to say. If you care about me, I will buy from you. Be interested in me … you can be interesting later and if you take my advice, the next time we meet I will buy from you. That’s why I come to see you, isn’t it?



Listening to your customer does not mean you are letting the customer control the sale. When you are talking, you are not gaining any customer information. When your customer is talking, they are giving you all the information you need to serve them and make the sale.



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