The Close Library is your ULTIMATE resource to close more sales. Not only does it contain the word tracks needed to close the sale, it also provides you with the reason your customer is objecting, a complete breakdown of the word track, as well as an audio version of the complete script to actually listen to the close in action.

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YOU WILL achieve, exceed, and CRUSH any goal you ever set for your sales career.

YOU WILL receive the recognition deserving of an ELITE salesperson.

YOU WILL have the confidence and belief in yourself that you are a TOP performer in your industry.

YOU WILL reward yourself with more sales, more commissions, and more freedom than you ever thought possible.

The Close Library is designed to present you with real-world selling objections and the solutions to close the deal. These are the types of objections that you face every day, every hour with every customer. Not only will you learn how to handle and overcome these objections, you will learn a skill set that will carry you throughout your sales career.

Before you begin this journey in mastering your objection handling and closing skills you need to ask yourself the following questions:

    1. How would I rate my ability to overcome objections? (scale of 1 – 10)
    2. How would I rate my ability to close sales? (scale of 1 – 10)
    3. How much time do I spend learning new overcoming objection and closing skills?
    4. How do I practice overcoming objection and closing skills?
    5. How dedicated and committed to TRULY being successful am I?
    6. How will I be better at overcoming objections and closing sales tomorrow than I am today?

Overcoming objections and closing sales is a specialized skill that is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things to do. However, once you master this skill set the world will be your oyster and skies the limit at what you can accomplish and earn.

It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours to MASTER a skill, which breaks down to approximately 9 years if you study the skill 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I am sure you are saying to yourself, 9 years that is a long time and it is. The good news is that you don’t need to spend 9 years learning how to overcome objections and close sales to see results. In order to start seeing results, start overcoming more objections and start selling more cars you need one thing and one thing only: the discipline and dedication to get better by practice these skills every day.

The NFL superstar, Jerry Rice, is arguably the best wide receiver to ever play the game and he is also known for his rigorous workouts and practice routines. Many pro athletes have attempted to keep up with him but washed out, but those stories are for another day. However, let’s look at the hours of practice versus his playing time. Let’s assume that he practiced for 20 hours a week, for 50 weeks a year for his 20-year pro career. That’s 20,000 hours of practice! Now let’s look at the number of hours he spent actually playing football. He played in 303 games, at approximately 30 minutes per game, that’s only 151.5 hours. Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, practiced 132 hours for every 1 hour of game time. That’s what it takes to become the BEST!

“Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professionals practice until they cannot get it wrong.”


Salespeople and just people in general are always looking for that miracle phrase that is just going to work on everyone. They seek out that magical set of words that once spoken the customer will automatically say “yes.” I hate to burst your bubble and break the bad news to you, that magical phrase does not exist, not even in the movies. The Close Library is however is going to provide you with the words and techniques to improve your skill set, put more tools in your toolbox, and more ammunition in your sales gun to send your sales skyrocketing.

Every scenario in the Close Library is based upon actual real-life experiences. These are not scenarios or closes based on years of clinical research or created by someone who could not cut it as an automotive sales professional. Everything in this book is the result of over 27 years of automotive sales success and failure.

I know the solutions in the Close Library work because I actually used them to close the sale.

The Close Library is not meant to read every topic in one, or even a few sessions, however it is fine if you do. You should read each topic with the intent to continue reading the closes in the collection. The Close Library is not meant to read it one time and be done with it. This is a tool you can use and keep coming back to all throughout your career.

In order to get the most out of the Close Library you must do the following:

    1. Use the Close Library as a FOUNDATION for your overcoming objections and closing skill set.
    2. Use the Close Library as point of reference when you are in need of a SOLUTION.
    3. Use the Close Library for your DAILY commitment to sharpen your selling skills.
    4. Use the Close Library to perform PRACTICE scenarios with like-minded salespeople.
    5. Use the Close Library to LEAD your own sales training or brainstorming session. Most closes will make for an excellent topic for a sales meeting.
    6. Use the Close Library to put you in the right MINDSET just before a sale.
    7. Use the Close Library to CLOSE the sale. All the answers and solutions that you will need are here.
    8. Use the Close Library to double, triple, even 10X your income. With all of the skills, tools and knowledge available inside of this book, the only thing that can stop this from happening is you.

The Close Library is meant to be abused. Whether this it is the first time through the Close Library or your 100th time logging in, make sure you have a highlighter, pen, and notebook with you and put them to use. Take the time to download each script, write down any thoughts you have, actions you plan to take, and any idea that the material has sparked. Your memory is increased by over 70% when you write something down. Additionally, use your highlighter to accentuate important information that you want to refer to at a later time.

You should remember that you have this library of closes with you everywhere you go. It travels with you back and forth to work so whenever you need it, it will be there. Use it as a resource and a reference. Read and practice a new or old close at lunch, discuss the close with your fellow co-workers, record yourself practicing the word track, and listen to it on the way home from work & on your way in the next day. Continue to do this with the same close for an entire week. By the end of the week you will be on your way to mastering a new skill that you will be able to put to use right away.

In order to maximize all the benefits of the Close Library, put to skills you learn to use as soon as possible. Try the close you learn today on the next applicable customer. Set goals for each close you learn, how you plan to use it, and the results you will achieve when you nail it!


Never get discouraged when a close doesn’t work the first time you use. Don’t be discouraged next time you use it and it doesn’t work. These closes take practice, practice and more practice to get them right. And once you have practiced enough to say it perfect, not every close will work with every customer. It is a law of averages, if you use the skill properly and often enough it will lead to success more often than failure.

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