Build Value in the Close

You might be asking yourself, isn’t it a little late to build value if you are in the close? The answer is simple, it is never too late to build value. It is just a little too late if the close is when you begin to build value.

The reality is you should be building value at every step of the sales process. You must always be building value in why a customer should buy from you, buy from your dealership, buy your product, and most importantly buy right now. Don’t forget that these ‘Why’ buys only build value when they are important to the customer.

So, how can you know that you have built enough value to close?

Think of your sale like a piggy bank. With each ‘yes’ or affirmation statement that you get from your customer you make a deposit in that piggy bank. Once you have made enough deposits, you have a sale.

Let’s look at the best way to get these ‘yesses’ and affirmations

Every time you make a value building statement to your customer, conclude it will an affirming question, such as:

  • “Make sense?”
  • “Sounds good, right?”
  • “Don’t you agree?”
  • “Pretty cool, huh?”

Using phrases like these, every time you use a value building statement you get the customer to make a deposit in the piggy bank for you. Here is an example:

“Another feature you are going to love is the automatic lift gate. With a touch of a button or a swipe of your foot you can open or close the lift gate no matter how many bags you are carrying. Making a stress-filled trip from the house to the car with the stroller, baby bag, and everything else need to leave the house when you have a baby just a little bit easier. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?”

Any person who has small children or every had small children can immediately relate to this value building statement and will happily confirm it. Making a very large deposit in your piggy bank. Benefit statements and affirmation questions should be used at each point of the presentation, to paint the mental picture of ownership during the presentation, and even as trail closes while transitioning to the investment proposal.

What does any of this have to do with Building Value in the Close

Nothing. Just kidding. It actually has everything to do with building value in the close. Earlier in this article I mentioned that you should be building value all throughout the sales process and here is where you take all of the affirmations from the questions you asked during the presentation, demonstration, and even the investment proposal to build value in the close and justify why the vehicle is worth what you are proposing.

In the following scenario you have presented your customer with an investment proposal and the customer tell you that you are $180 away in payment. In most cases the traditional salesperson would say something like, “how close to this payment can you come?” or “I can’t lower the payment by the $180 dollars, but what if I could lower it by $50 would you buy?” Both of these salesperson questions focus only on negotiating money and do nothing to build any value.

Now let’s look at a word track that uses all the ‘yesses’ and affirmations that you gained earlier in the sale.

“So, let’s break this down logically and determine what exactly you are getting for that $180. You will get a bigger vehicle that will fit your growing family and lifestyle. You will get the full factory warranty eliminating repair costs, that I am sure are going to start adding up on your current car. You will also get the peace of mind that comes with all safety advancements in your new {Model X}. I know you and your family will appreciate those. I am sure you agree compared to what you have now, all of the extras and peace of mind that you get are worth a whole lot more than the $180. Don’t you agree?”

If you no longer want to be that typical salesperson, who only negotiates money. If you no longer want to be the typical salesperson who then complains that customers are only concerned with the ‘best price. If you are tired of spending hours and hours negotiating with customers, only to make a minimum commission. Start building value that is important to the customer in EVERY step of the sale and getting the customer to confirm that they see the value. Start making those deposits in your piggy bank at every step of the sale and use those deposits to cash in during the close and EARN the sale and the commission!



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