6 Scripts You Need to Commit to Memory

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Being PREPARED is the most important thing you can do as a professional salesperson. You will never accomplish any goal if you are not prepared.

Think about it this way, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not win the NFC Championship game then decide to take two weeks off going into the Super Bowl. They did not say, we are the NFC champs so there is no need to get prepared for the Super Bowl. In fact, I would wager that they prepared more in those two weeks prior to the big game than they did for the entire regular season. For most football players, except Tom Brady, the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they prepare for it as though their lives or at least their careers depended on it.

As a professional salesperson, you should treat every customer as if they are your Super Bowl. Prepare twice as hard and win the title. A major part of being prepared is knowing what to say and when to say it.

All top producing salespeople know how to automatically respond to objections or concerns like these:

The Greeting

“Just looking.”


“Excellent! Most of the people that I meet for the first time are just like you and are only looking for information. I would be happy to provide you with price, down payments, monthly payments, the value of your vehicle, and anything else you need. Have you been to DIT Motors before?”

Your goal here is to lower the customer’s defenses and move them into the customer profile.

Vehicle Selection

“I really wanted a different color.”


“If everything else about the car is perfect including being a great value, would you really let the fact that the car isn’t {color} stop you from purchasing?”

Your goal here is to address the color concern early to prevent it from becoming an issue later in the sales process.


“Can this be fixed?”


“I don’t see why not.”

Your goal here is to change the customer’s focus from their concern back to your presentation/demonstration. In order to successfully pull this off, you must know how you are going to address this during the negotiations.Ensure, that you are open with your manager about the concern and determine the best way to address the situation. And remember, anything can be fixed for a price.


“I need to think about this.”


“There are typically only four reasons why a person can’t make a decision. One, they don’t fully understand how the vehicle is going to better their current situation. Two, I have not established enough credibility in our dealership. Three, I have not built enough value in my services. Or four, they simply can’t afford the product. Which is it for you?”

Your goal here is to determine what is holding your customer back. You cannot overcome what you don’t know. This word track will flush out your customer’s “hidden” objection.

“Can you do any better on the price?”


“I understand and due to the fact that you are a local customer and that you work for one of our partner alliances, the offer I am presenting you is something special that we are doing for you that we don’t do for anyone else. Now I suggest you take advantage of this special pricing, while it is still available. Don’t you agree?”

Your goal here is to make the customer feel special and they are already getting the best pricing. This works best when you can tie the deal to something specific to the customer. For example, if your dealership or manufacture does special pricing for certain affiliates.

“I need to discuss this with my spouse.”


“I totally agree with talking to your spouse. If your spouse is anything like mine, they never tell me no when it is about something that I am passionate about, like I know you are about owning this {Model X}. My spouse always supports me when I love something and must have it. They trust that I would never put our family at risk and that I will always make the best decision for the family. I am sure your spouse is supportive like mine, aren’t they?”

Your goal here is to show the customer that they already have their spouses trust and support. Now adays every person speaks with their spouse about a vehicle purchase long before they ever speak to a dealership. More than likely their spouse already approves of this purchase otherwise they wouldn’t be with you.

Now, these are some down and dirty scripts that you can build upon and make yours. They are designed to get you thinking, practicing, and perfecting. Guaranteeing that you are going to be PREPARED!

To get a more than a 100 more word for word scripts with detailed breakdowns pre-order my upcoming book, 99 Objections But Closing Aint One. Click here for more details and a special pre-order discount.



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