4 Hot Buttons You Must Push

Every customer is different and unique. Every great salesperson recognizes this fact, and they will craft a unique Customer Profile for each customer. Once they compiled all of the information needed to complete this Customer Profile, they will identify this particular customers Dominate Buying Motives, otherwise known as Hot Buttons.

These Hot Buttons are your key to a value building presentation and demonstration that focuses only on the things that are most important to your customer. This means that every presentation and demonstration that you give needs to be customized to that specific customer, however there are 4 Hot Buttons that are universal across all customers and must be pushed if you are to earn a sale.

The 4 Hot Buttons You Must Push

  1. Professional Hot Button – You are the authority figure. You do this every day. Your customers typically only purchase a new vehicle every three to five years. You should be the expert. You should be able to determine the best vehicle for your customer, better than they can. You should understand the process and how to apply it better than your customer. You should understand the financial figures better than your customer. Not only the ones that you present, but also everything that goes into them and how they are calculated. Additionally, you should understand how to negotiate them better than your customer. Once again, you do this every day. You need to have the confidence that you are the professional and in control and your customer will in turn trust and respect you.
  2. Service Hot Button – You are working in the customer’s best interest. If a customer ever thinks that you are not working with their best interest at heart, they will never buy from you. I have always maintained that salespeople should always work in their customer’s best interest, and I have been challenged by many salespeople and managers. They exclaim they should work in the dealerships best interest. I believe that working in your customer’s best interest is working in the dealership’s best interest. The reason so many people argue with me about this is they believe that operating in the customer’s best interest, means giving them the best deal (through discounting) when in actuality, by operating in the customer’s best interest you earn the right to make higher profits, commissions, and your customer will be happy to pay them.
  3. Desired Outcome Hot Button – You have to provide your customer with the solution to the problem they came to you to solve. Every customer is in front of you because they have a problem they are looking to solve and the vehicle you are showing them must provide them with the solution to this problem or you are not going to sell them. The best example of this is a customer’s family is expanding and they need to drive 6 people around and their current car can only accommodate 5 people. There is no way that you are going to sell this customer a new car that does not have room for at least 6 passengers. You can’t tell them to leave someone at home, no matter how much sometimes they might want to. Every customer has a desired outcome they are looking to achieve with the purchase of a new (to them) vehicle and it is your responsibility to show them a vehicle that provides this desired outcome if you want to earn the sale.
  4. Evidence Hot Button – You must provide the customer with proof of what you are saying. People believe more what others say and what they read, much more than they will believe you. Especially if this is your first transaction with them. Testimonials, reviews, articles, and anything else that supports your claims will go a long way with your customers. People have a natural tendency to do what others have done. Anytime you can use third-party information to support you, your customer is five times more likely to take the claim as fact.

Even though every customer is unique, these 4 Hot Button are consistent requirements for almost every customer. It has been said that 85% of people purchase a vehicle from a specific salesperson because they Like, Trust, and Respect that salesperson. These 4 Hot Buttons are the foundation of that and will need to be pushed if you want to earn the sale.



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